THINK EQUAL works towards a world in which children of all genders, ethnicities, religions and other backgrounds have optimal opportunities to develop their full potential, have their views respected, respect one another, live free of discrimination and violence, become youth leaders, and active participants of a free and equal world.

A pervasive, discriminatory mindset is the root cause of human rights violations across our world. We can only break the cycles of violence, negative stereotypes, and prejudicial judgements, if we invest in encouraging values, empathy, and respect for the dignity and equality of others.

Our purpose is to add social and emotional learning as a compulsory component of education curricula around the world, starting from the first day of every child’s formal education. We aim for a system change in education by bringing a new subject into schools, from the Early Years, when the child’s personality and moral framework is still developing. We must ensure that our children’s hearts are educated, and not just their heads.

Education – and equal access to it – is a long-standing goal of the UN and a number of progressive governments across the world. THINK EQUAL is not an attempt to address the issue of access to education, rather it is concerned with contents and quality of education, in pursuance of changing a dominant mind set.

THINK EQUAL is a global initiative which constructs and delivers an equality studies curriculum, that is as fundamental as literacy and numeracy. We must commit to a holistic approach to education which will result in a new generation of equal thinkers – global citizens – who can rise to the challenges of the 21st century.


THINK EQUAL embraces the latest visionary philosophies on inclusive, value-based, quality education. We have gathered together a committee of the world’s top experts on education, human rights, gender, psychology and neuroscience.

THINK EQUAL is a revolutionary transformational agenda, which is tangible, sustainable and comprehensive. It is conceived as a model for the UN’s post-2015 development agenda, which meets, head on, 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

THINK EQUAL is a clear strategy for investing in people, in synergy with the UN Secretary- General’s  report ‘The Road to Dignity by 2030’

THINK EQUAL is a not-for-profit organisation registered in the UK.


Leslee Udwin

Founder & CEO

Helen Lumgair

Education Director


PRATIBHA SACHDEV Co-Founder, GMSP Foundation

MERYL STREEP Award-winning actress & Activist

LORD RUMI VERJEE Chairman of Free the Children UK, Co-Chairman of We Day UK

DR MARC BRACKETT Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

DEBORAH LINDHOLM Founder and CEO of the Foundation for Women

PRESIDENT JOYCE BANDA Malawi’s first female president, former Foreign Minster & Minister of Child Welfare

JON SNYDER Executive Director of Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education


SIR KEN ROBINSON, Ph.D. International advisor and expert on creative education

HON. MINISTER UNITY DOW Minister of Education of Botswana

MARY GORDON Founder & President of the Roots of Empathy organization

HON. MINISTER, DR. KHADAR BASHIR-ALI Minister of Education of Somalia

Photograph by Plan International / Erik Thallaug

JO VAN HERWEGEN Associate professor in child psychology at Kingston University.

Dr SHEILA WAMAHIU Founding Chair, Women Educational Researchers of Kenya.

Dr MARYAM HAMEDANI Ph.D Associate Director of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University.

Dr. URVASHI SAHNI Founder of the Study Hall Educational Foundation, Brookings Institution fellow, member of Hillary Clinton’s CHARGE commitment.

Dr. GILDA HENRÍQUEZ DARLAS Founder of EUDE (disciplinary moral psychology), Ashoka Globaliser, Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute at the University of Harvard.

CARLOS TORRES UNESCO Chair in Global Learning & Citizenship Education. Professor of Education at the UCLA Graduate School

VALERIE LOVEGREEN Speech and Language Pathologist, Certified Trainer for the Feuerstein Institute


BRÍAN Ó MAOILEOIN Principal at United World College of South East Asia, Singapore, Advisory Board member of Common Ground Collaborative.

Dr ROBIN STERN, Ph.D Associate director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

YUWEI XU Expert in qualitative research methodology, statistical research, and quantitative method tools. Teacher, Early Childhood sector.

BARBARA ISAACS Chief Education Officer for the Montessori St Nicholas Charity and Montessori Centre International, UK

Board of Trustees


FRANCINE BATES O.B.E Fellow, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, CEO Lullabye Trust.

SHIREEN IRANI Lawyer, Founder and Executive Director of iProbono


RIDDHI JHA Programme Director. Film & TV Producer

VALERIE LOVEGREEN Director of Training & Development

SONAL SACHDEV PATEL Head of Global Partnerships

SHARAD KHARE Director of Communications


DECLAN MAGERO Chief of Staff Africa. Senior Research Consultant UNESCO

Education Research Team

NAOMI SHAH Director of Research & Development Executive

IMRATI ANAND Senior Research Executive. Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the KCL Amnesty International Journal

GIULIA SCACCHI Senior Research Consultant. Desk Officer, Intergovernmental and Non- governmental Organizations at UNESCO



Partner with us and help us to advocate, maintain and monitor the progress of the new curriculum at policy and grassroots level.


Share your knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure the effectiveness and brilliance of the curriculum.


Advocate this crucial world change and lobby your governments, education professionals and ministries to adopt THINK EQUAL.

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Photograph by Bran Symondson


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