Level 1: for ages 3 – 4

Level 2: for ages 4 – 5

Level 3: for ages 5 – 6

Level 4: for ages 6 – 7


Lesson plans

The programme is designed as 120 x ½ – hour lesson plans to cater for a maximum of 30 weeks of school term time. The design is for a total of 2 hours of teaching per week – 4 half hour lessons per week. The lessons are grouped into specific areas of learning which are designed to be taught in a particular sequence.

We can provide assessment tools, with details for how to administer the assessment tests to be discussed on a case by case basis. Please contact us should you wish to be part of an evaluation programme. It is vital for the programme’s success that we carry out monitoring and evaluation of outcomes of this new subject. We will provide all the pilot schools with the final study results and metrics.


Cultural Adaptation

A Country/state-Specific Programme (a “CSP”) will be adapted from the THINK EQUAL Global Programme by a country/state/province-constituted committee comprised of the required expertise. These will be set up by the Education Boards of each country in collaboration with THINK EQUAL. Apart from translation into a country’s specific language/s, each CSP will require cultural fluency and therefore will be handled at a local level to ensure integration of culturally specific approaches in ‘translating’ the ESC into a local/regional framework.