• Creating equal opportunity and empowerment, irrespective of one’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, in whom potential will be unlocked to contribute in a palpable and enriching way to the development and the economy of countries.

• Providing children with the tools to succeed on a lifelong journey of learning, and the ability to promote human rights and moral values in their communities.

• Educating rounded, sensitive, respectful, more equitable and inclusive youth.

• Transforming mind-sets and creating a new generation of peace and equality advocates within 14 years in all school-going youth.

• First definite steps in the creation of a free and equal world for future generations.


YEAR 1 (2016)
• Designing, completing and delivering The Early Years Curriculum (ESC) Level 1
HELEN LUMGAIR, Education Director of THINK EQUAL has drafted the Early Years Curriculum, assisted by her team of researchers and VALERIE LOVEGREEN, Director of Training and Development. The curriculum consists of 160 lesson plans (each ½ an hour, comprising 2 full hours of learning per week). The drafts are reviewed by our team of visionary educationalists and thinkers [LINK TO OUR PATRONS & ADVISORS] who advise on, enhance, and perfect the Global Curriculum. The Global Curriculum is in the English language, and is intended and designed to be culturally fluent in the ongoing roll-out of the initiative, after the pilots. Adopting countries will adapt the Global Curriculum into their language/s and to their cultural specifics.
• Filming will take place of the Global Curriculum being taught to age appropriate children
Some of our Committee of Advisors who are teachers, and other carefully chosen teachers who have expertise in mediating social emotional learning, will be filmed teaching the lesson plans to children. The resulting digital video will act as a teaching guide for teachers of the pilot programme. In time, we will see teacher training set up in this new subject, but we want to start right away and perfect the system as we go. If we are to be serious about aiming for the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, we have no time to lose.

YEAR 2 (2017)
• The pilot schools [LINK TO PILOT SCHOOLS] will commence Level 1 (for 3 to 4 year olds) in 2017 in the English language.
• During 2017, adopting countries will adapt the Global Curriculum to their cultural specifics as well as their language/s over the period of 1 year, in readiness to roll out Level 1 in Year 3 (2018).

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